We Do Documentaries.


What we do is video but what we're really great at is telling stories. Now we're not talking about sitting in an old rocker and reading from Mother Goose. We're talking in-depth, detailed, captivating stories...documentaries. 


The journey behind this documentary took our crew to France, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, D.C., and throughout the Midwest.


All done to aid in transforming research and interviews into the story of Bishop Mathias Loras. 


Between awards and film festival screenings in Las Vegas, Beliot and Cedar Rapids, it's probably fair to say we delivered justice to Bishop's story.



When church congregations dissipate, their buildings and character remain. 


This doc shares the story of Saint Mary's then and now, and how although no longer a parish, this community at Steeple Square is still reaching the heavens.


With a focus on their employees and customers, this family owned company wanted to share its roots.


This documentary highlights the actions and history of Andrew Young McDonald, the man at the foundation of the A.Y. McDonald legacy. 

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